Jul 24, 2008

I'm Luke, I'm Fandrix

Balancing your personal life and your online persona is something that I'm still learning how to do. The goal is to be open and honest, yet it's tough not to be guarded knowing that anyone can check in. I want to experiment with a wide range of projects, and at the same time maintain a certain expectation to keep people coming back. I want to be myself AND I want to enjoy the anonymity of being behind my work - although this is almost impossible seeing that the promotion of myself is key to me succeeding.

This short video, I'm Luke I'm Fandrix, was made months ago and then recently updated to include some of my newer shorts and experiments. It's a brief description of how my channel and blog came to be and a preview of some of the work that has been posted here in the last year. I guess this video was my first attempt at showcasing myself to my YouTube and blog viewers, in the sense that I was actually establishing the context of my posts and uploads as an aspiring editor and former film student. It hasn't been a secret that I've been in a lot of my own work for this very purpose, but until this video I hadn't really up and said (for the sake of people who don't know me) that I am actually 'that guy' in my movies.

I'm Luke, I'm Fandrix


Mister Scott said...

the balance issue is one that I faced the other day and it is definitely a challenge... while at work someone approached me about my blog (on which I use a not-too-discrete pseudonym) and while i appreciated the conversation, i felt kind of exposed... in the rush to be "real" it probably pays to be slightly guarded... especially if you are not using an online handle... of course having pictures (or movies) of oneself makes it even harder!

Anonymous said...

Nice work and it was most enjoyable. It looks like you are having fun in what you are doing and that, I believe, is the real key to success. I wish you the best of luck to you and I look forward to future postings.