Jul 22, 2007


The first assignment of film 400 was to create a video poem; a short project with an emphasis on strong visuals and personal reflection. With it being the start of another school year (septemeber 2006) i began to think about how important and defining education had become to me over the years (and still is). I found it strange that for something that has come to stand for so much, i really couldn't remember how it all started or what my first day of school was really like. This became the basis of my video poem. So many things that end up becoming important start out with seemingly little significance. I'm aware these kind of (artsy) films don't appeal to everyone, and the visuals aren't as crisp on youtube, but in any case i think i achieved my goal with the assignment.

I posted this after the video so it didn't seem like i was spoon feeding, but for those of you who don't digest art films well i'll clarify. The leaves are used as symbols for various memories. Chewed up, dying, growing, etc. This makes the trees a symbol for the mind. I mention this because my favorite line in Alphabet is 'There's a lot no one says because it's been said before. A lot of shared experience in a world full of ideas that people keep to themselves. A world full of ideas, moments, histories . . . just lost' which is said while the sun glares into the lens and on the left side of the frame a single leaf falls (the line starts at 1:30 in the film). Ya, artsy, i know, haha. There's a lot of visual subtly, and i could write paragraphs about why i edited it this way, but in any case, now you know that there is purpose behind why i did what i did (it's not just luck that things match up!). As though there was any doubt . . . :)

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Anonymous said...

i enjoyed that. you've clearly got talent, i thought the visuals were really strong. keep up the good work man!