Jul 28, 2007

Early Blog Evolution

I thought I'd take some time to share how this blog has been polishing up nicely over the past 2 months. There's not actually a whole lot to say, but i thought for future reference I'd post the title cards that I've used so far for Editing Luke. Chances are a year from now things will have switched up multiple times for one reason or another, but at the moment, i like the cluttered film prop mish-mash of the current site header.

It started out with a simple picture that i took from the roof of the parkade in my hometown of Medicine Hat. It's still there, just harder to see. As for the content the most notable series of posts have been the Buick to the Future movies, and the Desert Island Flicks. The Buick to the Future series is done but will undoubtedly show up again, and the Desert Island Flicks are still going, and will continue to go well past the initial 10 I'm sure. In any case, the opportunity to share original films has started off really well and as of this current post, 18 of my original videos have been linked to this blog, with original video #19 to appear in the next post.

In contrast to my old blog that lasted just over 2 years, this site has already received 40% of the hits that the old blog did in it's whole existence. There are numerous reasons for this, but mainly I've promoted this blog way more on various sites, and subsequently the link to YouTube with my videos has generated some traffic. This post is likely more for myself to look back at months down the road to see how things have changed. In the meantime, I'll be doing my best to keep the content interesting and fresh on here, and if you think there is something that can be done to make it better, as always, i welcome your comments and feedback. Things are off to a good start, thanks for making it so.

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Mister Scott said...

it has been interesting watching this evolution and as in the movie, it seems like its all taken plave over a short period of time ;)