Jun 2, 2007

Dusting Off Video Postcards

So there isn't a good way to post a full length travelog on here, and even if there was I doubt many would stick around to watch it. I was thinking I'd like to share videos on this new blog though, and so the video postcards I've made over the years seemed like a relevant edition regarding my last post. I began to organize these postcards in 2006 by looking at all the vacation footage I had (although some had already been completed by then). I thought that it would be nice to show people the places I've been by just featuring a few of the highlights.

Putting the postcards together essentially became a self-motivated editing assignment. The goal here, unlike the travelogs, was to just show the destinations as opposed to a diary of the trip. Each video is only a few minutes long put to music and is framed like a postcard to emphasize the visuals, but I think the spirit of the longer films that inspired them is still there.   

Video Postcard: Ottawa
(Filmed 2000 / re-Edited 2003)
MUSIC: Return to Innocence - Enigma

Video Postcard: Toronto 
(Filmed 2000 / Edited 2000) 
MUSIC: Run On - Moby  
Video Postcard: Niagara Falls 
(Filmed 2000 / Edited 2000) 
MUSIC: Beyond the Invisible - Enigma  
Video Postcard: Disneyland 
(Filmed 2004 / Edited 2007)  
Video Postcard: Hollywood 
(Filmed 2004 / Edited 2008) 
MUSIC: California - Rogue Wave  
Video Postcard: California Adventure
(Filmed 2004 / Edited 2008)
MUSIC: Love Today - Mika  
Video Postcard: Las Vegas 
(Filmed 2005 / Edited 2007)  
Video Postcard: South Dakota 
(Filmed 2007 / Edited 2007) 
MUSIC: Going Up the Country - Canned Heat


Dave G said...

Can't say I ever associated Return to Innocence with Toronto the way I do now.

Editing Luke said...

i'm assuming you mean ottawa, but thanks all the same :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Luke, I watched the Alaska and South Dakota VVs and I love them! Beautiful editing & music choices. They have somewhat of a nostalgic feeling and the bumpy hand-held filming is something we are all familiar with. Great job!

Filming the everyday and making it beautiful is a rare talent. A friend of mine made a video of his girlfriend preparing a roast. I think you'll like it.

Love your new site! What is the photo at the top of? It looks like a really cool diorama.

xo Leslie.

e-Bomb said...

You left me my first comment on my blog (thank you!), so I decided to check you out. Your video postcards are exquisite. Simple natural delight. :)

Grace said...

Hi Luke,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad you were entertained by my post! Your video postcards are very creative. I'm currently a student but also hope to pursue a career in film & media production. Keep up the good work!