Jun 29, 2007

Buick to the Future: Part 2

Here's the next chapter in this summer series, but honestly, part 3 may take a while to see because I'm not quite sure what mundane activity to do next, haha. I think I've done a decent job at referencing bits and pieces of the original films, although the BUICK versions aren't too concerned with plot. 

This time it's all about talk. Doc & Marty chit chat to figure out what to do next, and of course the mis-matched personalities remain. I'm really enjoying the simplicity of this project, and it gets my brain spinning around other episodic shorts that could be fun to make next (not just parodies, but complete original ideas). Anyway, as always I appreciate your comments and feedback, enjoy the show!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant. You're still a fatty fat fatfat, of course, but really that was great. Both halves. Kudos to Tyler too haha! I laughed myself silly :P

Unknown said...

The biggest part of fiction in all of that is you wanting to work on a paper and graduate.

Anonymous said...


- Smelliest b