Jun 19, 2007

Lost Claymation

I found this picture today by accident on one of my picture CDs. It was from a claymation project that I had planned on making in the summer of 2005 that never happened. It was actually based on one of my first stop motion projects, One Banana (2001). 

In that movie a tribesman makes numerous attempts to get a banana from a tree.  This film was pretty much going to be a remake (Two Banana) but with better animation. For as many claymation projects as I've done, about half of them never got passed the making characters stage. No lie, some of the ones that did get done are pretty painful to watch; clearly experiments. At least the characters always looked cool. I probably still have the materials for Two Banana stored away back home, maybe I'll pick it up again one of these days.

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Julie Goes to Hollywood said...

Cool sight. You definitely need to visit me...THINGS THEY WON'T TELL YOU IN FILM SCHOOL. Just don't expect me to have your off the hook artwork.