Jun 15, 2007

Buick to the Future: Part 1

Here's the result of less than a weeks worth of work! !t's a nice buildup I know. Really it turned out pretty well considering how quickly everything came together, which is the casual way of saying I really like it and I wish that this was how it always went. 

This is the first post of an all new short that I've made specifically for this new blog. I'm expecting that a couple more episodes will be in the works soon due to the fun we had making this one. Tyler you did a good job and I'm very happy with your cheesy performance! So here now for your viewing pleasure is Buick to the Future, and please leave a comment to let me know what you think!


Tez said...

I liked it. How about adding some Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer to the soundtrack. I loved the line about the calculator. Can't wait to see the buick flying in Part II!

Angry Charlie said...

(clap, clap, clap, clap) WOOOOO!!!!
Amazazing, sir. That was one of the best mvoies I have EVER seen! Like, seriously. And wow, the doc character was like, holy shit, this guy can act. Marty was borderline homo. hahaha No, good job, was definitely worth the wait to see. Can't wait to take part in the next one! Here's to the Buick!! Here's to the future!!!

Anonymous said...

Was this for school cause it was way better than anything I ever did in school. But if I get my shit together and edit the Piranha video then it would be way better than anything I have done out of school.

Editing Luke said...

sorry tyler, we're not picking up your option for the sequel . . . turns out the buick refuses to work with you again.