Jul 8, 2009

Editing Luke by Luke Fandrich

If there is any question than let me crush the debate by saying, yes, this blog is very important to me. It's not just the feedback, the interesting people from around the world visiting, the scrapbook like posts, or the occasional festival/screening offers - no, my greatest motivation from all of this has been the personal guilt. Why haven't you made a new short, why don't you write more often, why don't you take more risks? A day rarely goes by that I don't check in, or that I don't think about trying harder to improve something on this site.

The redesigns, evolving content, and numerous projects are clear proof.  It's a bit compulsive, but it's also what I always hoped this effort would be.  It's a reason to keep pushing myself.  It's embarrassing how I get lost in my own posts sometimes, but Editing Luke is a consuming venture that I can't help but love.

Reliving my own experiences through my own words/my frustrations/my successes has to be one of the coolest things - the blog is just a journal, and yet the fact that anyone can read it somehow makes it feel more real, even important.

September 13, 2008. I know the answers I want to hear, and reminders of one's own passion and perseverance seem to require review from time to time. I'm still growing and trying to find a path, while at the same time I think my pursuit might be easier if I were to focus on making and promoting a single series of work instead of this grab bag of variety. One way or another I'd like to introduce new faces to the mix. It's tough to balance, but it is what it is. Like I said at the start of this post, I can sit at this monitor for a long period of time; Long enough to re-edit, review, renew, but more likely, to continue searching for what I'm looking for and challenge myself again.

March 31, 2009. Somehow I've become an adult, somehow I've done things that I wouldn't have imagined I would have by now, and unsurprisingly there's still so much I look forward to doing with the bits of experience I've acquired. I don't think my checklist will ever be complete. Were it not for the sense that our time is fleeting, would any of us really feel pressured to push ourselves harder?

March 21, 2008. I've learned to trust myself and believe in myself, and whether I'm in school or not, I finally understand that I'm beyond what it is to be a film student. Regardless of what anyone else may think, I'm a filmmaker, degree or not.

April 1, 2009. I don't suppose Regina will ever really be as different or as personally revealing as my imagination says it should be. Instead, it'll always remind me of change and the choices that ultimately resulted in the path I'm on - It was a living scrapbook that I was a part of for a few years.

August 25, 2008. I'm just another dreamer, another guy with some hope, Just a man on a leash, tugged by someone elses rope. But from here things look fine, with camera in hand, I'll shoot what I'll see, I'll edit and I'll land.

May 31, 2007. (My first post in its entirety) So Luke's Emporium of Senseless Insanity and Wonder is no more, and here instead is Editing Luke; a blog about filmmaking, movie ideas, projects, goals and so on in the realm of a student filmmaker named Luke and his production pseudonym fandrix. It's been on my mind to do this for sometime, and I've had this blog sitting idle, ready to replace the other, for a few months. Keeping an online journal is work, but ultimately, i think it'll be a good way to focus my ideas in terms of thinking about what I'm doing as a professional career. I use 'student' filmmaker a lot (which i still am), but i feel it's time to start thinking of myself as a filmmaker (or video/media maker if you want to get technical). Whether you read this is clearly up to you, but i hope to use this as an outlet to motivate myself and bounce ideas around. I welcome any and all comments as things get underway (in fact i encourage and love comments), and hope you find some interest in my ramblings. Thanks for checking out the new space.

July 8, 2009. Thanks for helping to make this what it is and what it will continue to become.

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Anonymous said...

I agree bloggin is more personal for me as well, although I don't have my act together like you do, my blog still gives myself more of an introspective than I care that anyone else gets out of it. It also helps vent frustration as well as joy but mostly frustration.

And although I've commented on your videos, I feel I have said enough I still like to watch the buick and keys. So its nice when you touch back. As well as the on location, i do enjoy that. (says one film dork to another)