Jan 7, 2022

Art Print: Banff Space Port 1955

"Banff Space Port 1955" is the latest digital composite and art print from the "Surreal Alberta" series. This print was inspired by vintage travel imagery of Banff Avenue in Banff, Alberta.

Banff Vintage Travel Art


Jan 5, 2022

Top 6 Photo Essays of 2021

Last year I released over 125 new photo essays spanning a variety of unique destinations. After review, here were the TOP 6 most popular releases based on web traffic on the Editing Luke site in 2021. As always, thank you for the incredible support.

6. Santa Cruz, California | Surf Culture

Photo essays of Santa Cruz, California included spotlights on Surfers at Steamer Lane, the Wharf, Beach Boardwalk, and Surfing Museum.

5. Ford Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan

This photo essay highlighted the factory where the Ford Model T was born.

4. Rebuilding Notre Dame in Paris, France

This photo essay showcased the reconstruction of Paris' iconic cathedral.

3. Inside Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee

A look inside Elvis' iconic estate in Memphis.

2. Exploring the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California

A photo essay from inside the home of the Academy Awards.

1. Neon of Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan 

An evening under the neon lights of Shinjuku was the most viewed photo essay of 2021.

Jan 1, 2022

A Quick Look Back at 2021

Nothing was easy this year and that's perhaps the reason I did my best to see the good in 2021.

As I look back at the year that was all I honestly feel is gratitude. Gratitude for the people in my life, the steps forward I managed, and for the moments of calm where I was able to recognize that I was somehow figuring things out - or at least creating options.

Editing Luke Instagram 2021

Not willing to stop travel shooting this year I traversed the Canadian prairies - from the edge of the Rockies in Alberta to the centre of Canada billboard in Manitoba - I covered thousands of kms and shot just as many pictures.

I launched the Surreal Alberta series, released a record number of new photo essays, and sold prints around the world for the 2nd year in a row. I bought new-to-me vintage toys to film with, rebuilt a dream edit suite, and celebrated new collabs as my work appeared on postcards, walls in foreign cities, and in more places close to home than I can name. 

I was finally able to see friends I missed, built new relationships with travel partners in places like Montreal, Tokyo, Miami, and connected with familiar faces in a place called Medicine Hat that I hardly ever mention. I built a lightsaber, I ate inside "the castle" during travel shoots at Disney World's 50th, and I got left behind at the airport in Toronto in a real life series of Home Alone 2 mixups.

I welcomed the 50 millionth visitor to the Editing Luke website since it first launched, started walking 5km a day back in July, and in my ongoing Jaguar search I bought a Cadillac. 

2021 has been a time - and not nearly as organized or worry free as a few curated paragraphs might suggest. But, through the noise, it has been really fun.

Thank you for the incredible support and engagement this year. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.