Jan 28, 2024

Documentary's Success Pushing Need For More Shows

The February screenings of Your Cinema Needs You at the Monarch Theatre next month will officially mark the end of the debut run of this feature-length documentary in Medicine Hat.

What was originally envisioned as a single premiere night grew into 11 screenings, the last 4 of which will take place at 7 PM on February 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. Any way you slice it, the success of this debut has created a new chapter in the history books for the Monarch Theatre, and has setup the introduction of Canada's oldest, surviving, purpose-built movie theatre for a national audience as the details for the wide release are organized for later this year.

I just wanted to once again express my thanks and heartfelt gratitude for all of the support you've shown me, my crew, this film, and the Monarch Theatre over the last few weeks. This feels like an ending and a new beginning all at once, and I'm excited to see what happens next.

Please join us for these final shows (in what I'm referring to as "the encore of the encore screenings") in the very building where it all unfolded. Full details and tickets here.

My thanks to the Medicine Hat News for the front page coverage of the the premiere of Your Cinema Needs You at the Monarch Theatre in yesterday's paper. Full story here.

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