Dec 2, 2022

One Year Into Production on the Documentary

One year ago I announced that my new documentary about the Monarch Theatre had been greenlit - a largely unknown (outside of my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta) historic cinema with a really unique backstory.

No surprises, it's come to define a lot of my 2022.

Production updates, exploration, title reveals, behind the scenes, media releases, etc. It's been fun to share parts of this process (if for no other reason) because uncovering the history of a century old cinema, its origins and evolution, etc. lead me down a few rabbit holes that I needed help climbing out of (so to speak).

Monarch Theatre Documentary Luke Fandrich

Through months of research, interviews, filming, more research, delays, and seemingly endless editing I'm able to finally share that the project is ... still not done. But, we're close-ish ... at least closer. All the puzzle pieces are built and the outside edges are done.
So while a 2023 release is imminent, I'm feeling more and more excited about what's coming up in these final months.
Which begs the question, would anyone like to see an actual sneak peek of the documentary if I decided to release a preview early? Because the trailer is ready and I'm hyped lol.

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