Dec 15, 2022

2022 Instagram Travel Features @editingluke

As we roll into the yearly recaps for 2022, I was feeling like I hadn't done that much outside of work on a documentary all year - which granted, has been a lot. But when I dug up all of the "official reshares" on my travel content this year it was ... well, awesome lol ... New York, Berlin, Miami, Brussels, Dallas, Winnipeg, Seattle, Calgary, Paris, Los Angeles, Montreal, Victoria, Honolulu, Osaka, Edinburgh, Ottawa, and on and on.

Editing Luke Fandrich Travel Photographer

I did a lot of experimenting in 2022 to get my work seen by travel partners while being very strategic about not just building a profile to be mined for content. It's a complicated trade-off, but it seems to be working. The variety of locations in these features is a solid achievement given how competitive this is - and for that, let me say thank you and express how grateful I am to have found eyes for what I share here and on the Editing Luke site. 

Now the real question - where to next? 

Editing Luke Fandrich Travel Photographer

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