Sep 10, 2021

Remembering Dave: A Decade Later

I'm thinking about my friend Dave today, who we lost unexpectedly 10 years ago now. It really makes you wonder where the time has gone?

Dave and I met on our first day of film school at orientation and became fast friends. In addition to the countless uni stories and film projects that followed, it was in the two years before his death that we created some of our best memories. For two consecutive years each fall we road tripped cross country to end up in Southern California where we spent a lot of time getting lost in the desert (where this pic was snapped in Joshua Tree).

I still credit these early adventures for my continued road trip addiction to this day.

The thing about losing one of your best friends so young is that those formative years you spent together feel like a lifetime in themselves. The cruel thing is that as we grow up we're reminded of how much we've actually missed getting to share with them.

A lot of my memories of Dave are locked in time, but it's funny how his voice will still creep into an anecdote or how something insignificant will tap into a seemingly forgotten story every once and awhile. In my head we're still cracking jokes about each other lol.

It's a regular reminder to not take the small stuff for granted. To make as many memories as possible while you can. To surround yourself with people who make you laugh. 

All of that stays with you.

I miss you buddy.

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