Sep 26, 2021

A Week of Travel Shoots in Manitoba

It's been a busy week of new shoots, experiences, and mapping out potential travel photography hotspots around Winnipeg, Manitoba. Of course, with this being another one of my lengthy road trips, there was also time for a lot of random roadside pitstops, backroad adventures, and even a few unplanned Saskatchewan detours on the way back home. 

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This Winnipeg, Manitoba experience was delayed from plans that I had originally organized for last year, so it was great to finally make up for some lost time. As I've been expanding my Canada series over the last few years, I really wanted to get back to Manitoba as I hadn't formally documented anything on previous visits. This meant the itinerary was especially ambitious and I went out of my way to capture thousands of images for a variety of potential projects. 

As is always the case, I released a handful of previews and glimpses from experiences over this past week to share what was going on, however the release of this content and the final photo essays will continue over the months ahead. 

The beautiful autumn scenery really made this an ideal time for a Manitoba getaway. I had so much fun exploring the centre of the country and I can't wait to share more with you soon.

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