May 6, 2021

About the Old Jaguar

I first posted this anecdote / image to the @editingluke Instagram. 

This Jaguar XJ8 appeared in the background of a lot of my older shoots, particularly those shot around Alberta, and it actually impacted a lot of my early content on this site. 

1999 Jaguar XJ8

Just to be clear, my midlife crisis started right out of university.

When I first started making a little bit of money out of school the first major purchase I made was this old Jaguar. After years of feeling broke all the time, I thought, "I can top this" lol.

The funny thing is, looking back now I don't regret any of it. The stories and experiences that came from being "overly optimistic" about those early post-uni days have already paid years of dividends.

To be clear - my point is not to buy a car that turns you into a part-time Jag mechanic - but that making the ordinary entertaining for yourself can actually change your life.

Yes, it was just a car - but it made we want to go places. It inspired me to explore for no reason at all, and then one day I started taking a camera with me.

Up until this point I had just been a film student - all video. I shot short films and promos and commercials. But my first travel shoots have their roots here.

All because of a car I liked to drive.

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