May 8, 2021

16 Doors: A 3-Part Collection of Prints

One year ago I joked that the boredom of lockdown had lead me to start exploring locally again and subsequently photographing doors / entryways in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Turns out May 2020 was a little soon to be getting bored. 

What followed was an entirely new "Hometown Series" and as a spinoff of that, "16 Doors". Today I've released the third and final print from that series - "16 Doors: Part 3", effectively completing a trilogy of prints featuring 48 unique doorways from around my hometown.

Medicine Hat Doors Prints

Each print in this collection is 8x10" and comes with your choice of a white or black frame (including a white matte) that measures 13x17". Each print is also hand-signed and stamped on the reverse. Availability is limited. Please contact for current details.

Medicine Hat Doors Print Sale

Below you will find each of the 3 prints and the specific locations featured in each.

16 Doors: Part 1 Medicine Hat

16 Doors: Part 1 (seen above)

Locations from top left to right.
  1. Medicine Hat Brick and Tile
  2. Medicine Hat Public Library
  3. St. Patrick's Church
  4. Courthouse
  5. Former Towne Theatre
  6. Dominion / Railyard Warehouse
  7. Medalta Potteries
  8. Cecil Hotel
  9. Connaught School
  10. Cypress Club
  11. Former Canadian Bank of Commerce
  12. Elm Street School
  13. Corona Tavern / Hotel
  14. Athletic Park
  15. Assiniboia Hotel
  16. Ewart-Duggan House

16 Doors: Part 2 Medicine Hat

16 Doors: Part 2 (seen above)

Locations from top left to right.
  1. Former Five Roses Mill
  2. Canalta Centre / Coop Place
  3. Train Station
  4. Ranchmen Motel
  5. Former Riverside School
  6. Former Imperial Bank
  7. Medicine Hat City Hall
  8. St. Patrick's Church
  9. Echo Dale Barn
  10. The Canadian Train / Riverside
  11. St. Barnabas Church
  12. Old Arena
  13. Hycroft China Factory
  14. Monarch Theatre
  15. Alberta Clay Products Kiln
  16. Hargrave Sissons Block / Inspire Cafe

16 Doors: Part 3 Medicine Hat

16 Doors: Part 3 (seen above)

Locations from top left to right.
  1. Medicine Hat High School Garage Door
  2. Courthouse
  3. Kensington Pedestrian Bridge
  4. Hycroft China Factory
  5. Alberta Clay Products Kiln
  6. Connaught School
  7. Alexandra School
  8. St. John's Church
  9. I-XL Kiln
  10. Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre
  11. Fifth Avenue Church
  12. Medicine Hat Mall
  13. The Royal
  14. Dominion / Railyard Warehouse
  15. Echo Dale Farmhouse
  16. The Medicine Hat News

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