Dec 31, 2020

Editing Luke in 2020 ... Not Quite A Recap

Since Editing Luke launched in 2007 I've always put together a year end recap to share some of my highlights and creative achievements as a way to reflect, gain perspective, and to take a moment to appreciate the journey the year provided. 

Obviously, 2020 is an entirely different can of worms.

It's not that there weren't achievements this year. In fact, if I'm honest I've had a relatively strong year all things considered. From visits and travel shoots in California, promoting existing film content to new audiences, releasing hundreds of new images and building up online print sales, and even managing several weeks of travel shoots in France - I've definitely had considerably worse years than 2020.

Snapshots from Editing Luke in 2020.

What's changed is that at the end of this year I don't particularly need any more time to reflect. The year has provided nothing but time to reflect and I'm eager, if not completely distracted, by what 2021 has in store. Between the measured optimism of all the things I want to see and do, there's also still a considerable amount of uncertainty in the mix.

Unlike 2020, which had moments and projects that could be salvaged or altered because the planning predated the chaos, it's been almost impossible to predict or try to confirm anything with accuracy in the new year. My experience in France was no exception to how chaotic trying to make things work in this 'new normal' can be. Are we even out of the storm? I don't know.  

The reality of running a small production company that specializes in travel, documentary, and general promotional content can be mentally exhausting at the best of times. I've discovered it's a 'one day at a time' scenario when the world has paused and you have nothing but time to marinate in your own insecurities and have had your ambitions put on hold. 

I'm even finding it hard to distract myself with content these days. I have thousands of unpublished images from numerous travel shoots waiting in the wings that aren't even worth releasing until people can go places again. And there's another checkmark for 'things I never knew would be a problem in my lifetime'. 

I know I'm not alone in feeling the frustration and stress. I know this year has created challenges that we'll all be dealing with for years to come. And even in thinking about my own recap this year, I've realized that maybe I don't have context for this yet while I'm still in the middle of it.

I'm doing fine, but I'm coasting. Just waiting like everyone else.

Things could be worse. Things could be so much better too.      

So, forgive the lack of a recap this year, and in breaking a 13 year tradition on this website, but I'd rather be looking forward right now. I'm sure many of you can relate. 

Please join me in willing 2021 into being something amazing. After the haze that was 2020, I think we're all going to need one another more than ever.


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