Mar 1, 2019

A Production Company Grows Up!

Editing Luke officially became a full fledged production company at the end of February 2014 - and like many entrepreneurs before me, that leap from casual side-hustle to a full-time business of my own felt like a monumental leap. Now, here we are 5 years later!

Editing Luke

While it would be a lie to say that the last 5 years haven't been without their challenges and growing pains, looking back I can't help but feel proud about what's been accomplished in that time. From travel shoots to documentaries to art commissions, Editing Luke has come a long way from a simple website I launched in my film school dorm room in 2007 to a company that now reaches millions of people around the world through various multimedia projects each year.

Even saying that out loud to myself still sounds pretty wild.

Editing Luke

From the beginning I always believed that the key to growing this idea was in holding myself accountable to the things I said I wanted to achieve. This has meant continually experimenting, stepping outside of my comfort zone, pushing myself creatively, and challenging myself to surpass my previous milestones. I won't pretend that any of that has been easy or has always worked, but consistent effort has certainly opened a lot of doors. 

In many ways the success of Editing Luke is a result of simply defining the types of content I wanted my company to be known for and then always pushing for new opportunities within that arena. For example, Editing Luke is a photography & video production company, but it's never been a portrait studio or a wedding video business - instead, the focus has always been about producing narrative, experiential, or lifestyle content, often with a promotional component. 

This simple distinction really helped to define the kind of work that Editing Luke became recognized for - and 5 years in that's truer than ever. Back in 2014 it was a gamble to intentionally restrict production jobs within an already competitive market when there were no guarantees. As is often the case though, big risks can lead to big rewards. It worked. 

That's not to say the work is done. Every year presents new challenges.

Editing Luke owes a lot to the daily audience, clients, collaborators, and businesses that ultimately helped this company to thrive. Thank you to all of you who have continued to support, share, and engage with the projects we've released over the years. It really wouldn't have been possible to keep this dream alive without you. Genuinely, thank you!

Editing Luke
And finally, what anniversary would be complete without sharing a few highlights? Here are some of the things that Editing Luke achieved in the last 5 years:

  • Over 1000 photo essays have been shot and shared on this website alone. 
  • I launched new travel photography collections including the Middle America series, Roadside California series, Around Alberta series, Hey, Canada series, and massively expanded on the Pacific Northwest series and Around the Hat series.
  • Production work expanded from simple promotional videos in 2014 to larger scale documentaries, cultural showcases, and travel campaigns - including new Editing Luke specific projects (like On 2nd) that received independent backing. 
  • I was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.
  • I began shooting professional concert photography which lead to capturing artists like the Tragically Hip and gaining media access to music festivals like Shambhala.  
  • Commissions for Editing Luke photography increased dramatically - an achievement that became especially noticeable in my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta. 
  • Thanks to a growing online audience, social media shares, and consistent networking, in 2018 the impressions of Editing Luke content on this website surpassed 50 million.
  • What else ... these projects lol.
  • And perhaps what I'm most proud of - in 2014 my production company felt limited to projects only in Alberta, but it's since expanded to include collaborations with clients all over North America - from national brands to local tourism boards. Honestly, the potential has never been greater. 
  • Here's to continued adventures and the next 5!

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