Jun 7, 2016

Way Down South: An American Road Trip

Over the last two weeks I found myself on another incredible photo journaling adventure, this time road tripping my way through the American South and Midwest. I flew into Atlanta, rented myself a car, and proceeded to drive a 5000 km (3100 mile) loop through 13 states, shooting content in over 30 communities along the way. 

Beginning in Georgia I drove east through the Carolinas, detoured through the Great Smoky Mountains and into Tennessee, headed north through Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa, and then followed the Mississippi River south into Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee again, and finally curved back around to Atlanta through Mississippi and Alabama.
A trip like this actually requires considerable planning - thankfully last year's Pacific Coast road trip made that aspect easier. Anyone can cover a lot of distance, the challenge is in giving yourself enough flexibility to actual stop and explore as you go. Everyday I had one or two main places I wanted to hit, and a final destination I wanted to reach by the evening. I even gave myself additional days in Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis as I knew there was more to see there, and that I'd want a few non-driving days to give myself a break. 

From Churchill Downs in Kentucky to Lincoln's Home in Illinois to Elvis's birthplace in Mississippi, the places I visited could not have been more varied or iconic to their locations. I've done some incredible travel shoots and road trips in the last couple years, but few have overlapped to become quite as ambitious as this with such an elaborate timeline. I mostly say that because I'm still pinching myself that it actually all went to plan. It was an amazing experience!

The resulting trip lead to thousands of new images and is going to be a huge part of my new Middle America travel photography series. Much more on all of that to come. In the meantime, consider this (along with all of my Instagram posts) to be a teaser.  

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