May 31, 2016

9 Years of Editing Luke

There's certainly something to be said about starting a website in film school, and then not just maintaining and updating it for 9 years, but having it become the backbone of your own media business. That's exactly what happened though, and I'm still amazed at how this passion project has continued to evolve and present new opportunities year after year. 

I remember sitting in my dorm back in 2007 and wanting to start a blog to share the videos I was shooting in film school. I was also trying to drum up support for some of the film festivals I was entering at the time. Editing Luke reached 10,000 people in that first year, and little did I know that my photo essays, documentaries, travel edits, and general ramblings would eventually accumulate hits into the millions. At last count, over 34 million so far. 

The greatest lesson I've learned in this process is that personal growth is a continual investment. The goals and focus behind Editing Luke have changed numerous times in the last 9 years, but this site has always motivated me to do more. From shooting photo journals abroad to telling unique stories with video, Editing Luke has always been an elaborate work in progress. If anything, it's kept me accountable to my own ambitions. And with over 2000 posts to date, it's also become a massive library of original content. 

A lot has happened in the last 9 years, and I mostly wanted to post this to say thank you. There's no way this would have continued if it wasn't for the support, engagement, and feedback that I've received while doing it. Original videos, photography, and content have always been at the centre of this online journal and I can't see that changing anytime soon. So really, thank you. Editing Luke wouldn't be what it is now without you. Explore more here

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