Sep 10, 2014

Searching Salvation Update #3

On the anniversary of my friend Dave's passing three years ago today, my mind inevitably drifted towards the project that I was so motivated to put together following his death - Searching Salvation. I wanted to recap the visit we took to Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea in Southern California in a video that put my thoughts into perspective. It was defining moment for both Dave and I, a true highlight on our cross country road trip, and a moment of euphoria that I felt captured our friendship in a truly poetic experience. 

Over the last few years I've shared brief updates, similar to this, explaining how the project was in the back of my mind. That really hasn't changed. My thoughts on what Searching Salvation should be certainly have though. The passing of time has made me less focused on rehashing those old memories, and more interested in creating something new to memorialize one of my best friends.

The timing isn't so important anymore now that I've stretched it out this long, but I see an opportunity to tell this story in a new short film that's framed by a return visit to Salvation Mountain. I'd love to retrace the steps we took, capture the surroundings more fully, and bring new context to the road trip that essentially was our last hurrah before he died. That's where the project is. That's the story I want to tell now. 

These are some of the original image edits I did for the project (from 2009 road trip). 

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