Sep 19, 2014

On the Road in Kananaskis: Part 1

A rainy afternoon with moody skies, a quiet road, and breathtaking views are what greeted me as I drove Highway 40 north into Kananaskis Country. This isn't how I imagined this portion of my Rocky Mountain road trip, but after the sunny day I had in Waterton Lakes it was actually beautiful to capture the mountains in a completely different scene.

The sound of the rain falling through the pine trees, fog swirling around mountain peaks, and plenty of mountain goats complimented my journey. Because I was taking the long way north to Canmore, I was almost completely by my lonesome that afternoon. I can't express what a euphoric experience it was to continually stop along the road and have such incredible scenery all to myself. Time didn't matter, I could just drive, explore, and get lost.  

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