May 19, 2014

Station Coffee Co. in Medicine Hat

I met up for coffee at Station Coffee Co. last week and decided to stick around to snap some pictures afterwards. Back in September 2013, when our Thinking Hat exhibition was taking place in the Beveridge Block, we were invited to take a tour of the Station Coffee building while the renovations were still underway. I thought it would be cool to compare some of those images with a new shoot and share this amazing location on 2nd Street. I followed up with another great space, Inspire Cafe just a few doors down.

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September 2013 - 2nd street upgrades in progress.

Sweet Caporal wall reflection from across the street.

September 2013 - Station Coffee Co. facade renovations.

September 2013 - coffee bar construction in progress.

September 2013 - interior work in progress.

September 2013 - before it became the coffee house it is now.

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