May 14, 2014

Inspire Cafe in Medicine Hat

Located in the historic Hargrave Sissons Block, the location of Inspire Cafe was actually one of the earlier sites that I documented for my Around the Hat series. Not surprisingly, a lot has changed since that last shoot in late 2012. For starters, the beautiful spring weather yesterday provided a much better backdrop for this cheery cafe than the winter weather did when I originally shot it. Secondly, the 2nd street upgrades that were completed over the last year have transformed the look of the area. 

After a meeting at Station Coffee Co. (and snapping some pictures over there) I thought it would be nice to showcase the bright interior of Inspire Cafe too. It's amazing looking at these pictures in contrast to my earlier shots and recognizing just how much progress has been made. The Hargrave Sissons Block looks better than it has in decades, and Medicine Hat is fortunate to have a place like Inspire Cafe using it so we can all enjoy this character rich space. 

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