Aug 28, 2013

Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast

The beauty of the Pacific coastline is something I really can't downplay. We drove out to Cape Meares twice on our road trip. Our first visit was later in the day when fog was covering the coast. It crept between the moss covered trees and created a rather mystical and eerie scene. In addition to this, the winds off the ocean and sound of the water hitting the cliffs only made the scene more dramatic.

The second visit was earlier in the morning when the sun was shining. The contrast between the two trips gave us a completely different perspective. With the coastline clear we finally got a look at the impressive cliffs that surrounded the area. We also timed our visit better the second time around as the Cape Meares Lighthouse was actually open and we were able to go inside (more pictures to come). 

Built in 1890, the Cape Meares Lighthouse is now a fairly popular site along the Oregon coast. It was deactivated in 1963 and sat vacant for several years before the park was established. Recently, the lighthouse has been receiving some renovations after vandals damaged the building by shooting bullets into the lens in 2010. Thankfully, they were captured and the repairs are underway. It's clearly a building worth preserving, and the park was a lot of fun to explore.

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