Aug 20, 2013

Luke & Mike's Excellent Adventure

Following in a long line of epic road trips, earlier this month my buddy Mike and I hit the road in my Chrysler 300 to explore the Pacific Northwest of the United States. From Portland to Seattle, from the mountains to the ocean, from natural wonders to cultural landmarks - this road trip was filled with some absolutely incredible locations. Our days were filled with one memorable experience after the next, and my pictures still have me reeling from just how much we did. 

My goal for this road trip wasn't just to get away, it was to search out a variety of places, some recognizable and some off the beaten path. From the top of the Space Needle in Seattle to the back roads of Oregon, from the coast highway to one-off shops in downtown Portland, we experienced such a random mix of roadside attractions that we were left feeling like we hadn't just seen the best of a region, but we'd tapped into a winning formula for an unforgettable road trip. 

As you might expect, I took thousands and thousands of pictures. I've clearly got some editing to do now, but consider this my way of kicking off the spectacular photo sets to come in the weeks ahead. I can't wait to share them. Stay tuned!

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