Jan 2, 2013

Old City Hall Postcard

medicine hat city hall originalAfter the research I did about Medicine Hat's original city hall, I couldn't help but snap up this vintage postcard when I came across it. Much like the old postcard I found of St. Patrick's Church, one of my favorite things about this one is that it was used. Mailed from Medicine Hat in 1926, and affixed with a 2 cent King George V stamp, it went off to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  

The message handwritten on the back couldn't have given a more glowing account of this couples experience in Medicine Hat: "We are stopping here for 20 minutes. Love to all, Mama and Dad". It really paints a picture, right?  It was like a vintage text message. They thought it was worth sending a postcard though, and it's kind of amazing that it's lasted for nearly 90 years before making its way back here. At the very least, it's a cool bit of local memorabilia.

medicine hat alberta postcard

original medicine hat city hall postcard

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Liam Glover said...

Maybe that postcard has now a high value. These can be considered rare now. The picture quality is great, it does look exactly the old city hall. You should keep that and show it to your grandchildren.