Jan 30, 2013

More Film School Slides

It's been a decade now since my first ever film school production class in the winter semester of 2003.  We did a lot with slides that year and used them as an introduction to visual storytelling.  Several years ago I actually shared a bunch of these images as a glimpse into what I'd come up with.  See that here.

I pulled out these slides again as a bit of a reminder of some of my early photo work, and stumbled onto a few shots I didn't remember.  There was one of Ward, who I did a lot of touring around Regina with during this project, and various shots of Regina landmarks that I hadn't remembered shooting.  It's not really that my style of photography has changed that dramatically over the years, but looking back at things like this is a nice reminder of how much you've improved and matured.  It's just a nice flashback really.  

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