Nov 14, 2012

Around the Hat Promo 2

Over the weekend I took a major step with Around the Hat, my hometown photo series of Medicine Hat, Alberta.  I finally got around to organizing all of the locations into a single page, making it really easy to keep track of and explore the collection as it grows.

In addition to this, I put together a new promo to highlight more of the series.  As the winter gets closer, I think I'll have more time to explore possible outlets for the collection and start to consider how to expand it in 2013.  Things have been going really well so far and I feel like I'm on the cusp of bigger and better things.  

Taking a step back to look at all I've captured this year, it's really rewarding to see all of the local places I've been and realize how much I've learnt about them.  In a few short months I've completely renewed my appreciation for this place and it's been a thrill to share that.  See the series continue to grow here.  

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