Nov 18, 2012

Light the Christmas Tree

Another year has rushed by again, and here I am preparing for Christmas.  Don't get me wrong, I love this season, but it does add more projects to an already lengthy to-do list. My decorations went up the first weekend of November, as they always do thanks to a ritual started in university.  Check out my dorm tree for more on that.  

The lighting is probably my favorite part of Christmas in general.  Everything has a nice glow, it's colourful, and it feels a bit warmer even though the temperatures are dipping. It also makes my place look awesome.  This year I moved my tree to a more central location in the apartment, but other than that my kick off to Christmas has been pretty relaxed. There's lots to get done before the year is out, but it's nice to be able to savor the scenery.  For as much as I've spent on movie themed ornaments and decorations, it would be a shame to not enjoy them for as long as possible.  And so it begins.  

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