Nov 17, 2011

YouTube Refreshed

With my new portfolio site still looming in the background I've been taking the opportunity to update and refresh my various sites and platforms.  I don't want everything to look exactly the same, but I certainly want them to feel stylized in a way that's cohesive and representative of my own look.

YouTube itself has recently received a subtle, but modern update and I felt the graphics I was using on my channel had been well worn.  I opted to bring the color scheme down by switching in some black and gray tones and added a dark wood grain background (which is noticeably similar to that of Editing Luke).  I then updated my profile icon with a new fandrix badge and rearranged my featured videos.  

These simple changes have made a world of difference.  My channel looks polished and a bit more modern without entirely ditching the retro video scrapbook vibe.  I think this will stick for now.  You can check out the changes yourself by visiting my channel HERE.

1 comment :

Wendy said...

I like what you've done with the place. It looks great!