Nov 21, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas on Vinyl

Of all of the Christmas specials out there, A Charlie Brown Christmas is probably the one that appeals most to my childhood sensibilities. It's a humble and heartfelt telling of the true meaning of Christmas, and it's tough not to love the Peanuts gang.

charlie brown christmas vinyl record

Last year my friend Tyler gave me a vinyl copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas (not to be confused with the equally amazing soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi). I've watched the special countless times on television, but just hearing the story is an entirely different experience. There's something very wholesome about a crackling record and listening to Linus' famous speech. I put together this brief clip to share the experience.

charlie brown christmas vinyl record

charlie brown christmas vinyl record


Angry Charlie said...

Yay! A post on one of the many things I've gotten you that you haven't immediately shoved into a box after recieving it! :D Christmas really is a time for miracles!

Editing Luke said...

I guess not everything you get at Value Village can be a winner Tyler :)