Feb 4, 2011

Flip Cam Test - Jaguar XJ8 Winter Drive

An experiment, a Flip camera demo, a glamour shot of my Jaguar - this edit is all of those things.  I'm starting to feel energized about the idea of producing a more ambitious, stylized, narrative short film.  Meaning that a years worth of work could easily go into a single project and allow me to draw on the variety of creative and technical experiences that I've had in just the last several years.

What I did here with this winter drive test was actually play with the way I could mount my Flip Ultra HD to various points on my car. This included the dash, along the edge of my wheel well, and to the front of the grill.

I decided to cut together a short edit from this footage just because I was impressed with how well some of it turned out.  I see a lot of potential in mixing both the lightweight and maneuverable benefits of my Flip cam with the more cinematic and rich footage of my HDR-FX1 in an upcoming future project.  

For now, I find it encouraging just to see what I can do using my own resources.  Tests like these are really just ways to find inspiration and push myself to tackle even more ambitious and creative shooting techniques that just weren't possible for the low budget indie filmmaker 5 years ago.  I love the idea of merging a professional look with the spirit of an amateur shoot.  


I AM A BLOGGER said...

hihihi, dropping by^^
u hv a nice blog~~

Angry Charlie said...

You always have a unique ability to make something hauntingly beautiful. Your car has never looked better and I really like what you did with this edit.

It would be interesting to see what would you could narratively - and I'm beginning to see your sense of style shine through. A lot of it reminds me of something you may see Danny Boyle do, especially after watching 127 Hours. Keep it up!

Editing Luke said...

I really like that comparison Tyler! Not just because I really admire that digital rawness that Boyle's work always seems to have, but because the soundtrack that he always merges with his work really inspires me.

It will be fun in the coming months to continue thinking about this narrative project and trying to decide what it should be exactly. I think there's potential if you were willing to be a part of it also. One of the key things about taking this larger step will be drawing on the creative talents of my friends :)