Feb 7, 2011

Creative Clutter

I imagine that a lot of people don't see the benefit in keeping so many random collections in view.  However, so much of what I fill my space with isn't merely stuff, most of it has a story behind why it's even there.

Take my bulletin board for instance.  It may be full, but it also holds random knick-knacks from traveling, postcards from friends, creative tags from a couple of t-shirts, posters, ads, and other little pieces that I thought were cool to look at.  It's become an inspiration board mixing the things I like with the things I've done.  My strategy for making my spaces my own has always been about a lot of visual and graphic emphasis - not shying away from color, contrasting patterns, or mixed textures.

I've always been inspired by pop art and rock culture to the extent that a few photographs just never seemed like enough to tell the full story.  I love that I've surrounded myself with pieces of my past, collections that borrow on the mainstream, samples that emphasize a do-it-yourself type attitude, and gifts that friends probably forgot they gave me.  I've essentially found a style that makes me feel creative and connected to a lot of different sources.

I'd like to think that someone could walk in to my place and by exploring get to know a lot about me - more than what just a family photo might say (although that's in there too). 

Keeping in mind that these photos are all close-ups and that my space is actually a big open loft, the film editor in me has kept things structured and laid out in a way that feels deliberate.  The goal has never been to have a mess of stuff, but instead to create a look that's just busy enough to challenge the way people see or respond to it. 

I guess in a lot of ways I've never wanted to be too easy to sum up.

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Angry Charlie said...

Sorry to miss these great posts! It's been a weird week for me and I just wanted to say I've always been a fan of your style and can say that it's inspired me in the way I decorated my place when I had it, and how will do so with a new place one day.

Unless I just move into your place, at which point - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! :-D