Dec 26, 2009

Nearly Complete . . .

It should be immediately obvious if you've been here before that things have changed rather quickly over the last couple weeks on this blog. New graphic treatments, new links, a cleaner layout with more obvious tabs, and the promise of an even more dynamic approach to how I share videos and content in general.

Motivated entirely by the launch of a brand new portfolio site to compliment this one. What the portfolio site does is makes it easier for folks to directly find any of my projects, which often links back to the production notes or official project post that I've done here. The portfolio site is a hub for all my online activity, and this blog remains an important part of that - hence the need to merge concepts and broaden the brand 'Editing Luke' that I've created for myself.

Take a moment to check out the new tabs - all that's left is launching the portfolio site and activating those links. It's all about to happen pretty quick. Check in for a sneak peek in the coming week - the new site launches in days!

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