Dec 1, 2009

Fandrix Holiday Mashup

In the past I've shared several Christmas shorts that weren't exactly big enough to command a lot of attention, but at the same time, weren't without their own set of charms. As a great way to kick off December and a series of holiday inspired posts, I thought it would be fitting to group these edits together for the first time to give them a bit more of a showcase.

The Fandrix Holiday Mashup is made up of 3 shorts - Clumsy Claus, a short claymation that I made way back in 2001 in as an animation exercise, Dorm Xmas Tree, a time lapse of me putting up my tree in university in 2006, and Sad Little Snowman, another time lapse of my friend Tyler and I building a snowman in less than ideal snowman weather from 2007. All of these are also a great lead in for my latest holiday short, We Two Kings, a brand new narrative that will be debuting December 12 here on Editing Luke.

Each short doesn't need much explanation, in each case they're just short videos that I have enjoyed sharing with family and friends as an easy way to spread some Christmas spirit. So, with that goal in mind, allow me to do the same once more.

Enjoy these holiday edits, and to you and yours, a very Merry Christmas!

Clumsy Claus (2001)
Dorm Xmas Tree (2006) Sad Little Snowman (2007)

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Unknown said...

I loved the video about putting up your Christmas tree! I will check the others out later when I have a chance.