Jun 9, 2008

Mean Mr. Mustard is Homeless

A character study I made in 2003 with my friend Ward. This was one of my very first projects in film school, originally justed titled Homeless. I guess I was going through my mustard phase.


Anonymous said...

Where does "Mean Mr. Mustard" come from? Clue?

I first heard it in a song by Seven Mary Three and since I have heard it referenced a few times but I don't think 7M3 are the originators of the line. So where does it come from?

Editing Luke said...

As far as I knew it was from the Beatles song Mean Mr. Mustard on the Abbey Road album. I only said it here because i use the song when Ward starts eating the mustard.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Now that I think of it the first time I heard of it was in a beatles song then 7M3 and referenced after. I can't believe I forgot about the beatles.