Jun 14, 2008

Alaska Cruise Home Video

This footage is some of the very first that I ever shot. It's from 1998 when I was on a cruise with my family from Vancouver to Alaska. It was a pretty amazing trip, and although I just had a cheap camera at the time, I feel really fortunate to have captured what I did. It'll be a decade old this August. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to go back again and retrace some of those steps, but until then here's some of that history.


Anonymous said...

It's a late comment but it is strange to see something like this, you can watch it over and over again and then you realize its pretty historic. Nothing seen in these clips is still like this, it truly is a once in a lifetime voyage. If you copied the shots you'd likely now see bare rock where there once was glacier and its kind of sad. Nature is a funny place and you've captured a bit of natural history at a fortunate young age.

Editing Luke said...

it's funny you mention that because as soon as i posted these videos i started searching to see if i could find videos of the same locations. you don't think 10 years would be that different, but things can actually change pretty fast.