Dec 3, 2007

A Vote A Day . . .

Keeps my video in play! I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to check out my entry in the Sasktel Cell-ebrities Contest. It's great hearing your feedback, and i couldn't be happier about the support i've been receiving.

There's still plenty of time left to cast a vote, whether you've already placed one or not. You can vote once every 24hrs! I'm not far from begging people to check out my video as the rivalry on the site is starting to heat up with the competition coming to a close at the end of the month. So far i've been in pretty good standing, but all of the other films in the top 10 have quite a few more votes than i do (although my rating isn't too bad). If you have the time, please click the link below to watch and vote for my short 3min video, Give it Time.

Once again, i just want to thank all of you who have checked out my project and helped me along in this competition. You can be sure that i'll be updating more about how things are panning out in the contest in the coming weeks. Thanks for your time folks!

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Editing Luke said...

Hey, i just wanted to leave an update for those of you who have been checking the site regularily. Today i suddenly lost 80 votes from video, with the previous votes that disappeared, i've now lost a total of 110 ratings. i have no idea why this is,or what the justification is. I'd be more upset but the sasktel site acknowledged that the votes were very marginal in how they'd select their finalists. Still, a strong rating means my video gets seen by more people. So far i'm still in the top 5 thanks to those of you who have been checking in to vote. They also mentioned that they will be using a different rating system for finalists. I'll worry about that if i get there. Until then, thanks to all you guys who have voted and who continue to vote despite problems with the system.