Dec 16, 2007

Sad Little Snowman

Today was a busy day of shooting projects before heading home for the holidays later next week. The first project shot today was a brand new contest video (The Gizmo Tree) which will be uploaded within the next couple of days.

Besides that though, I had wanted to make another little time lapse video (similar to my dorm Christmas tree one) for my blog/YouTube account. At the end of a long day of shooting these projects, here is the sad little snowman that my friend Tyler and I made to wrap things up. Personally I love it, although by the end of the day the wet snow had stopped and what was left was too powdery to make a snowman. This was obvious, however it didn't stop us from giving it an honest effort in Tyler's backyard.

I think our snowman's depressing stature does for snowmen what Charlie Brown did for Christmas trees. Happy holidays everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Luke! Surfed on from BE/BOTB Cute video and snappy music. That snow looked more powder to me than wet packed snow. I will show this to my children tomorrow. I think they will like it. Happy Holidays!


Lucky Lady said...

I enjoyed the video

Anonymous said...

So, you know you could have killed two birds had you shoveled the driveway rather than the yard. My roommate shoveled our driveway on to our lawn and then I pushed my daughter into it a bunch of times it was fun. Her feeble attempts at snow balls were futile. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Magical...just magical!