Oct 15, 2007

Calgary Zoo: Elephants

A couple summers ago I took a trip to the Calgary Zoo and shot a ton of footage of the various animals. The zoo itself is pretty amazing for a city of just over a million people, with several brand new complexs. Anyway, I thought that since I had shot so much footage I'd start going through it to see if there was more I could do with it. Turns out that there's quite a bit that I never used in my finished video (At the Zoo), but at least now I can share the extras.

Since my visit in 2005, they've built a brand new building for the elephants, and when I shot more footage the next summer construction was well underway. The elephants have always been one of my favorites, especially when they interact with each other. It's just watching for those little moments when they show their personality that makes it such a great experience.

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