Oct 13, 2007

Across the Universe

So it instantly gets attention because of the Beatles tunes, but what do you think of the movie? Have you seen it yet?

I hope to catch it within the week. I've got to come clean that I'm a pretty big Beatles junkie so I feel obligated to check it out even if the critics rip it apart. The covers are pretty good from what I've downloaded, and how can the music suck considering the source? I'm certainly intrigued!

Any perspective on Across the Universe?

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Editing Luke said...

some great feedback guys! haha, anyways, i saw across the universe tonight and thought i'd pass on what i thought. the music was awesome, the absolute highlight (as i thought it would be). the movie itself had several inspired moments, my favs surrounded the group of friends in the apartment. the political message and 60s crusades seemed a little light, or too hokey at some points. they succeeded more when the focused on the few main characters, the broader concepts didn't pack enough punch to be serious enough and it's also been done so many times before. the music added great narration, and that itself expanded the story. not a bad little film, not epic, but definitely worth the soundtrack.