Apr 5, 2011

University of Regina Campus Snapshots

As the summer of 2007 came to a close, I found myself nostalgic about all the time I'd spent at the University of Regina.  At the time I was wrapping up a few summer school courses, and was about to enter my final year of film school.  

I've always been keen on documenting things, but I had grown up a lot since my first time doing something like this. After seeing the University of Regina undergo some massive upgrades during my time there (including new twin tower residences, an athletics facility, and a lab building) I thought it would be worth while to capture the campus as it was before I left. To capture it so that I could compare it to the way I remembered it whenever I'd go back there.  

Here are a few of my snapshots from that summer in 2007.

For more, check out my campus photo collage.

Apr 3, 2011

Do You Like Luxury SNL Jaguar Skit

I was watching some old episodes of Saturday Night Live on Netflix when I came across this sketch.  It's bizarre and irreverent, and as an avid fan and owner of my very own Jaguar, I was tickled pink.  Admittedly, I'm quick to point out my car even when I notice it in the background of some obscure show on the BBC.  This was better. 

Apr 1, 2011

New Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger, along with Google, has just recently introduced 5 new dynamic views that make sharing and viewing content through Blogger even more enjoyable!  Imagine being able to fully visualize your blogs history, instantly scroll through a complete timeline of your posts, or view interactive collages that allow you to explore the posts you want to read right there and then.  Now it's possible, and Blogger's dynamic views do all the work.

These new views are like more elaborate RSS feed pages, where it just takes the regular content that you've already posted on your blog and then creates these interactive and alternative ways to see and share it.  The dynamic views refresh and update as you post to your blog, and even better, the pages load content as you scroll - this means you don't have to search through pages of posts to view your entire blog history. For the first time you can get a visual representation of what all of your posts look like (if you've been using images in them that is).

The new views are Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide.  You can see my blog, Editing Luke in each of the new Blogger dynamic views below.

Here I've used the Flipcard dynamic view to chronicle my posts by the month they debuted.

This view displays all of your blog posts as thumbnail boxes.  You can also clearly view the thumbnails based on their date, label, or author. Click here to view this page.

This view generates a random collage of your posts in a loose chronological order.  This is perhaps my favorite view as it really emphasizes the variety of content, especially for very visual blogs. Click here to view this page.

This view lists all of your posts along the left side of the screen, making it easier to scroll and instantly interact with all of your content.  Click here to view this page.

This view takes all of the images from your blog posts and puts them in a chronological photo album.  Like all dynamic views, just clicking on the image will open up the full blog post.  Click here to view this page.
This view creates columns that showcase select posts as you scroll through your blogs history.  This is a great example of how the new views help to highlight your content and explore it in new ways.  Click here to view this page.