Apr 24, 2013

New Best Buddies

Geez, kids are so much fun! I spent a lot of time playing with my second cousins, Milo and Quinn at my Aunt's memorial. From Lego to Bionicle to Batman and Star Wars, we had a blast! They're at such fun ages (6 and 4) and are really entertaining. I even joked with them about the good old days of 1999 when the Phantom Menace came out. Milo told me all about his favorite Star Wars characters, and Quinn showed off what they'd built out of Lego. By the end of the night I'd made a couple new best buds.


Tracy said...

Awe, too bad you couldn't find some matching stripey pajamas.

Editing Luke said...

haha, I'll have to keep an eye-out for prisoner themed pjs :)