Apr 23, 2013

A Final Goodbye for Bonny

Over the weekend my family reunited for my Aunt Bonny's memorial in Calgary. We hadn't all been together since my Grandma's funeral last fall, which was a clear reminder of what an eventful year it's been for our group. Despite the circumstances, it was a good day filled with tears, laughter, stories and music. One that I'm sure will be remembered for how uplifting and positive it was.

My cousin Leslie documented her mom's memorial and shared her heartfelt experience here. Many members of our family got up to speak, and I read the letter that I had given to my aunt when I first went to visit her in the hospital (which I posted here). Later in the evening Leslie's husband, Chris shared his song Paper Airplane that he wrote for Bonny. It was a touching tribute, and one of the highlights in a celebration that I know Bonny would have been proud of. When all was said and done, I was fixated on one thought: I'm lucky to have all of these amazing people in my life.

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