Apr 18, 2013

Tramps Corner Block Interior

I had the opportunity to explore the interior of this downtown corner block earlier this year, and there were actually a few surprises. I've referred to this location as the Tramps Corner Block, because Tramps, a comic book and video game store, was the last business to use the space. Architecturally, there's really not much interior detail.

This is one of those locations that has been pulled apart, remodeled, and altered numerous times over the decades so its historic value, despite being 100 years old, is difficult to determine. The original boiler is still in the basement, and the original stone foundation can still be seen. The retail spaces sit empty though without much to grab your attention. Upstairs is where I stumbled onto a bit of a surprise.

I wasn't sure what to expect in this location, but when I walked into one of the former apartments and saw stacks of comic books I was blown away. Left over from Tramps, whoever decides to buy this building will acquire hundreds - maybe even a few thousand - comic books along with it. In all honesty, the vast majority are probably only worth a couple of bucks, but who knows what gem might have been left behind? It's certainly a cool leftover from a business that hasn't been there for years. And hey, it's perfect for anyone looking to jump start their comic book collection.

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