Feb 4, 2010

Fandrix Turns 13 / New Logo

This month effectively marks 13 years since Fandrix Productions was established. I'll downplay all this by also saying that I was only 12 years old when this happened - a feat still worth celebrating however (at least I think so) as keeping an arbitrary name from childhood into adulthood is likely easier said than done.

For the full story behind the name you can check out my earlier post - Why Fandrix Productions?

What's actually significant about this milestone is that I'm bringing back some familiar branding to open my videos. The very first logo for Fandrix was a stylized old TV with rabbit ears (see below). This evolved over the years, never really going away, but from project to project it was the name (and not the logo) that stayed the same.


In 2006, with a high-end HDV camera in hand, I decided it was time to reinvent my TV logo - this time using a real one. I went to a local pawn shop and picked up a white rabbit eared television and as the very first project I ever shot with my Sony HDR-FX1, created a new introduction.

While the intro itself was never used, elements of that footage ended up in numerous promos that I've cut over the last few years including, I'm Luke I'm Fandrix and my Editor Profile. If you've watched any of my promos you've probably noticed this footage used several times, and that the location the intro was shot at was also the rooftop I've used for much of my Editing Luke branding.

The brand new 2010 logo is part of a renewed commitment from me to have my work as easily recognizable as possible while also reinvesting in an image for Fandrix that I've spent years playing with. The old TV is back, and the screen shot below shows the simple new design. The video intro has yet to appear on anything new, but the clean look of the brand makes it ideal for a number of applications - a business card, tag, letter head, whatever I might decide is necessary.


Things are continuing to evolve in rather exciting ways, and while 13 doesn't mean much by itself, if this idea I call Fandrix were a child you could bet a lot of growing up would be happening right now - all of which is very true in how I view my identity surrounding this. Who knew I'd still be so invested in this at 25? One point to me for dedication, haha.

Editor Profile


Angry Charlie said...

I like it, fine sir! It's very hip-hop-anonymous! It's nice to see you look at every aspect of your brand from logo to collaboration. Did anybody say "Angry Fandrix Films"?! :-D

Editing Luke said...

Once again, I have no idea what you're talking about Tyler . . . *shaking head*