Feb 8, 2010

Don't Make Charlie Angry

My friend Tyler Cyrenne has regularly showcased my videos on his blog and I thought it was about time I returned the favor and showcased a few of his. With an equally passionate view of filmmaking, Tyler and I have often challenged each other and used competition to improve our projects. Film school saw many 3am meetings at Mac's to discuss how our assignments were unfolding.

In addition to the several shorts that he's helped me with (Buick to the Future Series, We Two Kings) he responded to be part of the 2nd issue of my column, Cinematic Acrobatic. His interview can be read here. Without a doubt, getting to know Tyler through film school resulted in a lot of good memories and projects that we still joke about today.

Check out his blog, Don't Make Charlie Angry and view a few of my favorite Angry Charlie videos below.


Angry Charlie said...

Wow, Luke! This is amazing. Thank you SO much for doing a post about my blog and my work and taking up some time and space on your blog to do it! Its been a pleasure to show some of your finest work on my own blog and it's interesting seeing which videos of mine you chose to showcase.

Clearly my animations have gotten to you (minus a certain 4th year film project) and that inspires me to seriously think about making another one. Thanks for this post, its an honour to be on your blog both as an actor in your films and as a fellow blogger/filmmaker.

Here's to our friendship! (which I seem to have successfully postponed the end of .... for now). haha

Editing Luke said...

I think we're due for another end of our friendship party, haha. Seriously though, I'm happy to share your work, especially if it acts as motivation for you to create some more videos and keep your blog alive this time around :)