Dec 15, 2009

Under Construction

With my new portfolio site launching in just a few weeks, changes are being made all the way down the line to create the best possible online experience for those who want to watch, read, and explore my content.

The new site, part portfolio/part personal scrapbook, is going to act as a hub for all my online material. This blog, my YouTube channel, my complete works, Contact info, and much more will all be linked together for the first time on a single page. Accessing any video will be as simple as clicking my portfolio and scrolling the posters, sending me a personal email can be done directly through the new site, and the latest updates on this very blog will be automatically streaming on the main page so you can see if you've already read my latest post.

Aside from being more efficient, this entire process is about representing myself to the fullest. I want people to take interest in my videos and I want to make it easier and more enjoyable to find them. This is also about creating a cohesive look and brand for everything I do - a personal stamp - both literally and figuratively.

Editing Luke (the blog) will be getting a swanky new look along with an overhaul of some of the links and photos. This blog will become slightly more casual in the presence of a site that can adapt to my need for promotion - though don't kid yourself, blogs are meant to be self indulgent and I'll still be updating, haha.

I haven't even organized my YouTube account in months. With over 100 videos uploaded I think a re-design of my channel is likely to happen also.

It's exciting to feel like after several years of utilizing the Internet for my videos, I'm at a point where everything feels new again. I've done my trial run and had some mid-level successes, but this is a step up to the next plateau. If for nothing else, the feeling of consolidating everything I do creatively online makes this seem worth all the effort.

Watch for some big changes across the board as we countdown to the new decade, and be sure to comeback to see the brand new home site unveiled on January 1, 2010! Until then, consider everything to be under construction.

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B said...

Good luck on the new changes!