Feb 18, 2012

Kodak Theatre New Name

The films nominated for Academy Awards aren't the only things getting buzz leading up to the broadcast this year. Kodak recently filed for bankruptcy, and in doing so has cut the four million dollar annual fee for naming rights to the 'Kodak' Theatre from their budget. This begs the question, what will Oscar's home now be called? 

It's also unclear if the name change could happen before the Oscar broadcast on February 26, but it's disappointing news in any case given Kodak's role in the film industry. This year alone, 7 of the 9 Best Picture nominees were shot on Kodak film. With the theatre now the permanent home of the Academy Awards, this renaming marks the end of a decade under the Kodak banner. Here's hoping the new name (and sponsor) hold some relevance - Burger King Theatre, anyone? These are a couple of pictures I shot of the theatre in 2010.

Alcatraz Island Postcards

Of the ever-growing collection of postcards that I've collected over the years, some of my favorites include these vintage reprints that I picked up while visiting Alcatraz.  I find the location inspiring, both because of the films that have been shot there, and because of how the prison has evolved from a working jail into a modern ruin.  See more of what I mean by checking out my post on the experience we had on Alcatraz Island.